Urban Garden Products

Made from 100% clean, reclaimed wood

Urban Garden Products manufactures a wide range of products that are used for composting, landscaping, colour enhanced garden mulches, animal bedding, fuel and as a component of building materials for construction and furniture.

Every Urban Garden Product is environmentally friendly. By collecting and reclaiming clean wood, Urban Garden Products has become a successful business that reduces tree cutting and eases the burden on scarce landfill space.

Effective in the control of weed growth and inhibiting wind and water erosion, Urban Garden Products mulch reduces unnecessary tree-cutting, eases the burden on limited landfill space and is guaranteed to be in adherence to our high-quality specifications.

Available in black, brown, red, and natural colours.



Urban Garden Products is an affiliate of Canada Fibers, as part of the Urban Resource Group.  Learn more about how Urban Garden Products are an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-responsible heating fuel choice.



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