About Us



Urban Biofuels is committed to providing its customers with an alternative heat energy source that benefits the consumer as much as it benefits the environment.  Sustainable, locally sourced, cost effective and convenient, users of Urban Biofuel pellets can feel comfortable about their heating fuel choice.


Urban Biofuels is a division of Urban Resource Group affiliated with Canada Fibers. We are a manufacturer and distributor of premium wood pellets. In 2015 Canada Fibers purchased the pellet plant located in Springford Ontario. With dedication and hard work Urban Biofuels have brought this facility back to life and have since been producing premium wood pellets for the domestic heating market.

Urban Biofuels is committed to providing its customers with a renewable alternative heat energy that benefits both the customer and the environment. Our premium wood pellets are sustainable, locally sourced, cost effective and convenient.

Wood pellets are a clean burning heating fuel. Unlike fossil fuels which release carbon into the atmosphere wood pellets are carbon neutral which reduces our greenhouse gas emissions.

Urban Biofuels uses clean pure wood from sawmill residues and clean by-products of the wood industry. No trees are harvested to make our wood pellets. We control our wood source which allows Urban Biofuels to produce a high quality pellet. In doing this we are able to divert thousands of tons of wood from our landfills. This is our environmental commitment to help preserve our earth for future generations.