Consumer / Retail Products

Urban Polymers

High-performance clear and coloured PET, PE and PP flake and pellet. Manufactured from post-consumer and post-industrial plastics using the most advanced auto-sort and hot-wash technology. Utilizing twin-screw extrusion technology and screening yields superior mixing capacity, guaranteeing superior quality, purity and consistency. Our quality-control laboratory is staffed by highly-trained chemistry professionals to ensure consistent quality output.

Urban Polymers’ high-performance polymers are a sustainable compliment to prime materials. Utilizing recovered plastic diverts thousands of tonnes of plastic from landfills each year, and products made from recovered plastic rather than virgin material saves a substantial amount of crude oil each year.

Urban Polymers is an affiliate of Canada Fibers, as part of the Urban Resource Group. Visit the Urban Polymers section to learn more about how Urban Polymers can assist your company in achieving environmental sustainability goals.

Urban Biofuels

Sustainable heating-fuel alternative for wood pellet stoves, made using 100% clean, recycled wood. Urban Biofuels wooden fuel pellets generate high heat with minimal ash, providing comfortable living with reduced stove maintenance.
Additive-free, locally-sourced and guaranteed to adhere to our high-quality specifications, Urban Biofuels reduce carbon emissions, divert thousands of tonnes of clean wood away from landfills and avoids unnecessary tree-cutting.

  • Compatible with automatic dispenser systems
  • Available in 10 kg (40 lb) bags or bulk
  • BTU: 8000+
  • Ash: 1%
  • Moisture: 6-8%

Urban Garden Products

Architectural garden mulch manufactured from 100% clean, recycled wood. Effective in the control of weed growth and inhibiting wind and water erosion, Urban Garden Products mulch reduces unnecessary tree-cutting, eases the burden on limited landfill space and is guaranteed to be in adherence to our high-quality specifications.

Available in black, brown, red, rust and natural colours. 100% fungus, bacteria and odour free.

Urban Garden Products is an affiliate of Canada Fibers, as part of the Urban Resource Group. Visit the Urban Garden Products section for more information about our sustainable garden mulch products.