Canada Fibers & the “evolving tonne” featured on CBC News

CBC News debuts Reduce, Reuse, Rethink, a series about recycling. Their first story explores how our lifestyle changes are affecting the Blue Box.

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“‘My belief is that there’s some genuine confusion,’ says Mark Badger, executive vice-president of Canada Fibers, a company that sorts and processes recyclables for 14 communities across Ontario, amounting to roughly 60 per cent of the province’s blue box waste.

So what to do?

Obviously, the onus can’t be on the public to adapt their lifestyles to suit the recycling system. So it’s governments and recycling systems that are going to have to adapt.

The most obvious solution is technology.

Badger says deploying new technology at plants that process recycling can both: clean up contamination so the recovered materials are pure enough to sell to both domestic markets and importers like China that have raised their standards [and] adapt to new kinds of packaging.”