Canada Fibers Donates 25 Trees to Toronto in Commemoration of its Longstanding Business Relationship with the Toronto Star

October 28, 2016 News

Toronto, Ontario (October 26, 2016) – Canada Fibers Ltd. (“Canada Fibers”) today announced that it is donating 25 trees to the City of Toronto to commemorate its 25-year relationship with the Toronto Star (“Star”). Canada Fibers provided sustainable recycling programs for the Star’s Torstar Printing Group’s Vaughan Press Centre, until it closed on July 2, 2016. The two companies continue to work together to recover discarded materials, saving millions of trees from being cut down. These materials will continue to be recycled into products, such as paper produced at paper mills across North America.

“We believe these trees will serve as a growing reminder to citizens of Toronto of how firms can work together to enhance our environment,” said Mark Badger of Canada Fibers. He added that, “transparency, continuous improvement and good faith” provided the foundation for a 25-year relationship that created economic and environmental value on an exclusive basis. In fact, Canada Fibers’ founders have a business relationship spanning over 40 years with the Star.

Canada Fibers was established 25 years ago as a Toronto-based paper recovery and marketing operation. Since then, its operational scope has broadened to include recovery, separation and marketing of a wide variety of materials. Today, Canada Fibers’ supply side customers include municipalities in the Province of Ontario, as well as institutional, commercial and industrial organizations. The company is also engaged in the production of consumer and industrial products from the waste it recovers through its affiliated Urban Resource Group of Companies. By way of extensive vertical integration, Canada Fibers provides circular economy recycling solutions to a growing customer base.