institutional commercial services

Canada Fibers and Urban Resource Group provide complete and creative environmental solutions designed specifically for institutional, commercial and industrial sectors. Our programs are designed to enhance the sustainability report of your business, through comprehensive waste audits, disposal equipment rentals, leasing and financing, and dependable hauling with a safe and maintained vehicle fleet. Every industrial process and institutional/commercial operation generates waste, but with Canada Fibers and Urban Resource Group, we work with you to create a program that improves waste reduction effectiveness, improve cost efficiencies and comply with regulatory standards.


consulting and auditing

Our team of dedicated waste management professionals can assess your waste streams, your collection practices, the diversion opportunities for your waste, and alternative means of reducing costs. Further, we provide comprehensive reporting of your progress so that you can inform all your stakeholders of the positive impacts you are making on the environment. Finally, with a customized waste diversion program, we can continually monitor progress and help your organization to achieve your waste diversion goals.

Through our programs and partnerships, we aim to provide value for your organization in areas beyond simply satisfying regulations.

Practical and Creative Environmental Solutions


equipment and hauling

Many organizations have waste diversion programs in place, but few programs are fully optimized. Employing a dedicated workforce of experienced professionals, Urban Waste Recycling provides the most advanced waste diversion programs in the industry, designed to optimize and simplify your organization’s disposal program, achieve tighter efficiencies and advise on more effective allocation of resources. Offering equipment rentals, leasing and flexible financing options for disposal equipment, and dependable on-demand and ongoing hauling services with flexible pick up schedules.

  • Balers
  • Compactors
  • Vertipaks
  • Yard bins
  • Rolling carts
  • Toters
  • Cart lifters
  • Dumping systems



yess services

One of the cardinal elements of Canada Fibers’ business is its brokerage operation. With its vast global network, Canada Fibers and Urban Resource Group ships over 800,000 metric tonnes of recyclable material and finished product to customers and end markets domestically and internationally. Yess Management, a division of Canada Fibers, can dependably and reliably transport your goods domestically and internationally with our full range of transportation, logistics and distribution services.

Yes Management