Canada Fibers is changing the face of waste. Since 1990, Canada Fibers has evolved to maintain its position on the forefront of the recycling industry. We embrace industry changes and continually invest in furthering our operational capabilities.

With a reputation for creating superior value from recovered material, and with a commitment to remaining on the forefront of technological advancements, Canada Fibers offers complete solutions and sustainable products for municipal, institutional, commercial and industrial clients. We lead our industry in conserving finite nature resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving landfill capacity, while ensuring superior customer satisfaction.

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Architectural garden mulch manufactured from 100% clean, recycled wood. Effective in the control of weed growth and inhibiting wind and water erosion, Urban Garden Products mulch reduces unnecessary tree-cutting, eases the burden on limited landfill space and is guaranteed to be in adherence to our high-quality specifications.

Available in black, brown, red, rust and natural colours. 100% fungus, bacteria and odour free.

Urban Garden Products is an affiliate of Canada Fibers, as part of the Urban Resource Group. Visit the Urban Garden Products section for more information about our sustainable garden mulch products.

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At Canada Fibers, we aim to maximize value for our clients by securing the greatest returns from our recovery programs. By mining and marketing waste and recyclables as secondary resources to global suppliers, we lead our industry in conserving resources, saving landfill capacity, and benefitting everyone at each step of the recycling chain.

Atmospheric microplastic deposition in an urban environment and an evaluation of transport – ScienceDirect


At Canada Fibers, we’re committed to fostering continuous growth within the waste and recycling industry. We stay at the forefront of environmental developments and technological advancements in order to provide the highest level of customer service, participation levels, and value added services in waste management.