Mining Urban Resources

Canada Fibers and its affiliate Urban Resource Group are committed to making positive impacts not only in the recycling industry, but within communities.

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Downstream from Single Stream

"Canada Fibers' forward integration strategy allows for growth in an industry undergoing great change." Recycling Product News Jan/Feb 2016

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Complete Solutions, Sustainable Products

We lead our industry in conserving resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving landfill capacity.

Creative, Integrated Solutions

Use our integrated capabilities and infrastructure to achieve your complete sustainability goals.

  • Public Services

    • Municipal
    • Separation and Recovery
    • Supply Chain
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  • Business Services

    • Institutional, Commercial, Industrial
    • Consulting and Auditing
    • Equipment and Hauling
    • Transportation / Logistics
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  • Consumer / Retail Products

    • Urban Polymers
    • Urban Biofuels
    • Urban Garden Products
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Who we are

We are an URBAN MINING COMPANY, mining resources above ground from the waste stream so that we do not need to extract precious resources from the earth itself. We lead our industry in conserving finite resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving landfill capacity.

Canada Fibers and Urban Resource Group offer complete, cost-effective and efficient environmental solutions designed to help you enhance sustainability. With over 25 years of industry experience, we have the expertise required to develop, implement and manage your recycling and waste reduction programs.

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