Disposal Equipment Rentals, Leasing & Financing

3_EquipmentOnsite waste management equipment often results in greater efficiency for organizations. Whatever your organization’s needs, Urban Waste Recycling is equipped to provide equipment recommendations and flexible financing options for integration with your current waste disposal program.

Utilizing Urban Waste Recycling disposal equipment, your company can stabilize cash flow, increase working capital and preserve lines of credit for building the business. You may also receive substantial tax benefits and line item deductions to reduce year-end tax liabilities.

As industry leaders, we are currently offering some of the most competitive recycling equipment finance programs in the country for equipment including balers, compactors, cart lifters and dumping systems.


Waste Audits & Waste Diversion Plans

Audit picture with lablesUrban Waste Recycling provides comprehensive waste audit services for customers and organizations interested in improving the efficiency of their waste and recycling programs. Audits are conducted by experienced staff trained to identify areas for improvements that can result in greater cost efficiency and improved waste reduction practices. Waste audits are also a highly effective in monitoring what types of materials your facility is generating.

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment regulates that certain facilities conduct waste audits and update waste reduction work plan on an annual basis. The ministry employs inspectors ensuring facilities are complying with the regulations.

Recycling Services

tumblr_m4jli1PlcN1r4eq12o1_r1_1280Many organizations have a recycling program in place, but few companies realize the full benefit of optimizing their recycle programs. As leaders in the industry, we make it easy for your organization to achieve maximum recycling targets at minimal cost — something we guarantee through our ability to recover the highest possible percentage of recyclable materials.

We have the capability to provide a full diversion program to source separate your organization’s recycled waste to the furthest extent possible. By mining your waste materials we create value and help your organization to achieve reduced disposal costs, tighter efficiency and more effective allocation of resources.

We handle the entire range of waste materials including:

  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Plastics 1-7
  • Metals
  • Aluminum
  • Dry mixed recycling / single stream

Waste Services

1_WasteWe aim for diversion from landfills by securing a dry waste grade with a minimum of 80% recovery. By collecting and mining your organization’s waste materials, we simplify your waste disposal program and help you to achieve reductions in operating costs, equipment and space requirements.

We provide a full range of waste management logistics for industrial, commercial and multi-unit customers. Our waste disposal services include:

  • Roll off
  • Front end
  • Rear load
  • Compactor rentals and sales
  • Vertipaks
    Urban Waste Recycling also offers complete construction and demolition disposal services.