Sustainable Sourcing

Giving old plastic new life

urban-polymersProducing prime, or “virgin”, plastic is both resource and energy intensive. The primary ingredient in plastic is petroleum, a non-renewable resource recovered by oil drilling. Plastic is one of the most commonly used materials in many industries including packaging, construction and automotive, yet the production of virgin plastics has detrimental ecological and environmental effects.

Using recycled plastic in your manufacturing process is not only environmentally responsible, but can offer your organization cost savings and improve shareholder sentiment by improving your corporate responsibility scorecard. Urban Polymers sources a variety of plastic grades from post-consumer and post-industrial settings, including residential curbside collection (Blue Box recycling) and through our global network of recycled plastic suppliers. Our commitment is to divert valuable, usable plastic away from landfill and assist our customers in achieving more sustainable manufacturing practices. Our high performance polymers are sold to plastic goods manufacturers in packaging, construction and film extrusion industries.

To learn more about our high performance polymers, visit our Commodity Resins page.