Urban Polymers

High-performance clear and coloured PET, PE and PP flake and pellet. Manufactured from post-consumer and post-industrial plastics using the most advanced auto-sort and hot-wash technology. Our twin-screw extrusion technology and screening yields superior mixing capacity, which guarantees superior quality, purity and consistency. Our quality-control laboratory is staffed by highly-trained chemistry professionals to ensure consistent quality output.

Urban Polymers’ high-performance polymers are a sustainable compliment to prime materials. Visit the commodity resins page to learn more about the materials we produce.

Urban Polymers is distinguished by its ability to produce pure and homogeneous raw materials. With over 100 years of experience among its employees, state-of-the-art laboratory and world-class equipment, Urban Polymers is positioned to provide its customers with enhanced profitability and sustainability. Using recycled plastic in your manufacturing process is not only environmentally responsible, but can offer your organization cost savings and improve shareholder sentiment by improving your corporate responsibility scorecard.

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