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Sustainable heating-fuel alternative for wood pellet stoves, made using clean, wood fiber. Urban Biofuels wood fuel pellets generate high heat with minimal ash, providing comfortable living with reduced stove maintenance.

Additive-free, locally-sourced and guaranteed to adhere to our high-quality specifications, Urban Biofuels diverts thousands of tonnes of clean wood away from landfills and avoids unnecessary tree-cutting.

  • Available in 18 kg (40 lb) bags or bulk tote bags or by the truckload
  • BTU: 8000+
  • Ash: less than 1%
  • Moisture: 6-8%


We are proud members of the Wood Pellet Association of Canada.


We know that wood heat is environmentally responsible, sustainable and cheaper. To learn more about the benefits of wood heating, please visit the heatlocal.ca.

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Urban Biofuels is an affiliate of Canada Fibers, as part of the Urban Resource Group.  Learn more about how Urban Biofuels are an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-responsible heating fuel choice.

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Sue Popadynec CSP
office: 905-722-7774
fax: 905-722-7974
cell:  289-383-6375   
                        Brian Ainscough
                        office:  905-669-4340 ext 229
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                        cell:  416-407-2480